Dolores Denman Award

The Dolores Denman Award, named in honor of the late Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, Fourth Department, Judge M. Dolores Denman, was established in 2000. This award recognizes the accomplishments of a jurist in promoting the fair and equal administration of justice which has a significant impact on women and minorities. The award also recognizes conduct, either in the form of a single event or over a lifetime, which raises the awareness of the inequities in the justice system. In 2000, New York State Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye was the first recipient of the Dolores Denman Award. 



2023: Hon. Joanne Winslow, Hon. Ellen Yacknin, Hon. Debra Martin & Hon. Teresa Johnson

2020: Hon. Marian Payson

2018: Hon. Nancy E. Smith

2016: Hon. Karen L. Morris

2015: Hon. Evelyn Frazee

2011: Hon. Patricia D. Marks

2008: Hon. Marilyn O'Connor

2005: Hon. Ann Pfeiffer and Hon. Elizabeth Pine

2000: Hon. Judith S. Kaye