Hanna's Circle

Out of commitment to GRAWA and the legacy of family, camaraderie and women in the profession, please join Hanna’s Circle and make a leadership contribution. Your example will inspire others to make this contribution now or in the future as their circumstances allow. What a wonderful legacy to our extraordinary organization and to Hanna Cohn!


Mary Jane Angelone, Esq.

Eileen E. Buholtz, Esq.

Margaret A. Burt, Esq.

Catherine M. Callery, Esq.

Catherine Cerulli, Esq.

Jill M. Cicero, Esq.

Elaine Z. Cole, Esq.

Hon. Evelyn Frazee

Kammholz Law PLLC

Jane B. Hopfinger, Esq.

Nora A. Jones, Esq.

Greta K. Kolcon, Esq.

Susan Schultz Laluk, Esq.

Mary C. Loewenguth

Barbara Orenstein, Esq.

Hon. Patricia D. Marks

Hon. Debra A. Martin

Carol McKenna, Esq.

Valerie Milonas, Esq.

Carolyn G. Nussbaum, Esq.

Hon. Marian W. Payson

Audrey P. Peartree, Esq.

Hon. Anne E. Pfeiffer

Jacqueline Phipps Polito. Esq.

Sharon Kelly Sayers, Esq.

Jill K. Schultz, Esq.

Denise Shukoff, Esq.

Sharon P. Stiller, Esq.

Sue S. Tebor, Esq.

Laurie A. Vahey, Esq.

Hon. Elizabeth A. Wolford

To Join

Payment Options: One payment of $500 or payment of $100 now with a commitment to pay $100 per year over 4 years. For a possible tax deduction, please consult with your tax advisor.

Thank you.

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