Hanna S. Cohn Mentoring Award

In 2002 GRAWA established this award in honor of Hanna S. Cohn (1952-2002), who was passionate and active about many facets of the legal system. This award recognizes a woman who has mentored, inspired, and nurtured young women as they enter and begin their legal professions. 


2018: Audrey Patrone Peartree

2017: Carolyn G. Nussbaum

2016: Heidi Schult Gregory

2015: Elaine Z. Cole
2014: Hon. Marian W. Payson
2013: Hon. Joan S. Kohout
2012: Hon. Debra A. Martin
2011: Barbara Orenstein
2010: Hon. Gail Donofrio
2009: Sue Tebor
2008: Hon. Elizabeth Wolford
2007: Diane Cecero
2006: Hon. Karen Morris
2005: Catherine M. Callery
2004: Hon. Evelyn Frazee
2003: Hon. Ann E. Pfeiffer