Assistance Committee

(In partnership with MCBA’s Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Committee.) Provides advice and support for colleagues struggling with substance abuse or addiction problems.
Liaison: TBD

Continuing Legal Education Committee

Organizes and conducts accredited CLE programs for attorneys in Monroe County, works with WBASNY for credit approval and issuance of certificates. CLE programs constitute a GRAWA fundraising opportunity.
Co-Chairs: Josie Sheppard and Christin Cornetta

Dinner & Wine Club

Provides dinner and wine-tasting events for members at local restaurants, wine venues or member homes. Discover a variety of wines and wine regions throughout the world  through social gatherings. This is a great way to learn about wine and food pairings.
Co-Chairs: TBD

Diversity Committee

Considers issues of diversity as an inclusive concept, encompassing gender, race, color, ethnic and national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability.
Chair: Tina Foster

Domestic Violence Committee

Meets four times a year to provide insight on domestic violence issues. Target members include those who practice in this area or who are interested in steering policy and legislation regarding DV.
Co-Chairs: TBD

Family & Careers Committee

Meets monthly to provide members with social and emotional support with respect to the challenges of balancing home life and careers. Hosts substantive discussions on issues facing working parents. Also responsible for awarding the winner of GRAWA's annual Family Friendly Employer Award.
Chair: Randi Proukou

Judicial Evaluation Committee

Compiles information about judicial candidates to inform community about qualifications.
Co-Chairs: Alison Moyer and Jennifer Schauerman

Legislative Committee

Examines bills introduced in Congress, the State Legislature and local government, and makes suggestions or proposals about such bills to GRAWA and WBASNY and serves as ex-officio delegate to WBASNY.
Chair: Adele Fine

Media Committee

Handles GRAWA’s public relations, including drafting press releases. Shares member news for website inclusion; produces newsletter; and takes photos at events to share on website, Facebook and WBASNY newsletter.
Chair: Amanda Dreher

Membership Committee

Recruits new GRAWA members and ensures renewal by existing members. As a chapter of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (WBASNY), GRAWA pays $55 per member, and receives one delegate position for each 50 members.
Chair: Diane M. Cecero

Newly Admitted Women Attorneys (NAWA) Committee

Builds relationships to enhance GRAWA experience through professional development, community service, networking, etc. Members must be 32 years of age or younger OR have less than five years of experience.
Co-Chairs: Stephanie Lapple and Angilee DiMartino


Proposes nominations of GRAWA board positions and helps promote GRAWA and its members through nominations for civic and bar association awards.
Chair: Denine Carr

Program Committee

Plans, advertises and conducts substantive programs, social events (e.g. holiday event, spa night) and annual functions (installation dinner, judicial candidates lunch).
Co-Chairs: Destini K. Bowman and Sarah Lobe

LAWYERS' COALITION ON RACIAL & Social justice Committee

Formed last year, this combined committee of the three bars (GRAWA, MCBA and RBBA) addresses issues of racial justice in Rochester’s legal community and beyond.  We are planning several important events for next year and welcome your participation. 
Chair: Jill Paperno  

WBASNY Delegates

Attends periodic WBASNY meetings, representing the Rochester Chapter.
Delegates: Laura Myers and Maritza Buitrago


This group combines the dedication and experience of more senior attorneys with those seeking mentors in their job search, early career, or career transition.  In conjunction with Newly Admitted Women Attorneys Committee, specific mentoring opportunities are developed and scheduled.
Co-Chairs: Kate McClung and Lauren Whiting

Women’s Health Committee

Focuses on the recognition, prevention, and education of issues related to women's health and wellness.
Co-Chairs: Karin Stuart and Jennifer Aronson-Jovcevski